All data disappeared

Yesterday evening I created a route and some waypoints in Basecamp and transferred them to my Etrext as I have done hundreds of time. I checked the Etrex and everything was fine.

This morning when I was about to set of of my tour something very peculiar had happened. When I click on “where to go” there where no routes, no waypoints at all. So all the others such as ‘recent finds’, ‘coordinates’ etc where there but there was no route and no waypoints. There was the usual track, but nothing in it whereas there should have been several dozens of track in there as well

I’ve rebooted the Etrex a few times, took the batteries out. Then I reconnected to Basecamp, as all data is still on my PC, but whatever option I try, I can’t get it into my Etrex. So for instance when I ‘send my collection to device’ the usual selection screen pops up, I tick routes, tracks waypoint and then it appear to be busy for 20 seconds or so transferring all the data, but when I check my Etrex nothing is showing.

So either I’m making some very fundamental mistake in how I try to send data to my device, or something else is going on.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be most welcome



Sure you did a clean disconnect of your etrex? This sounds a little like damaged file system.

You can check your device with Javawa Device Manager.
I assume you’re Dutch, you can post a question or browse for an answer on, there is a lot of knowledge on that forum.

Thanks for the suggestions. Did some more checking, tried to do a master reset, but for some reason that wouldn’t work. Next as per a Garmin instruction I found I deleted all GPX data on the internal memory and SD card. The reloaded my “collection” from Basecamp. that seems to have done the trick!