Airports and hobbyist airfields on OSM database.


I am a bit irritated that a car navigation app MAPS.ME using OSM data (e.g. France, Gemany, Belgium…) is displaying every tiniest leisure airfield as if it were an international airport.

I wrote to the design team who explained to me that OSM database do not provide the information whether is is a big relevant airport or just a green acre belonging to a group of hobbyists.

Is that assumption true?

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That’s not true:
but this needs to be entered into our database. If this information is not set, is correct that they can’t decide if this is a major or minor airport.

For more information about airports in OSM take a look at:

Thank you for the quick reply.
Am I right in the assumption that the info is set for international / regional airports?

Unfortunately no. At take a closer look at the last column “Count”. Only 11+222+33=266 elements in the database have this tag (and this might include duplicates). I expect there are more international airports in the world.

I’d agree that it’s not true. Here’s how I do it:

The reply you got back reads more to me like a “dog ate my homework” excuse than anything else.