Aerodrome VIJR exists twice


I found out that there are two areodromes mapped with the ICAO code VIJR. They actually are neighbouring and touching each other.

What’s the correct way to map this situation?

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I find it strange why people use relations in situations where a simple closed way would fit.

Apart from that it seems to be a single airport with a civil and a military part. The part in the South might not be an extra airport, but the civil terminal (I think there are cases where the civil / military parts have different codes).

You could contact the respective mapper and discuss the change that introduced that Southern part as a separate airport and ask for details.

A solution would be to map the whole area as the airport and the terminal on the Southern part, while keeping the military landuse on the Northern part.


The multipolygon of the taxiways is also wrong. It includes all that land.

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I repaired them taxiways but not the ICAO doublette.

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Thanks for fixing the large taxiway-polygon. But is the rest of the taxiway-mapping (areas for the taxiways instead of lines only) correct?

I visualized the situation with OpenAirportMap: VIJR.

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Yes as far as I’m concerned taxiways can perfectly be polygons.

The problem is actually bigger than I expected (see Many aerodromes with the same ICAO-code are mapped in OSM).

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Yes, “aeroway=taxiway” is one of those odd tags that’s used both on areas and on linear ways (“leisure=track” is another)…

When used on a closed linear way, it makes sense to add an “area=no” tag to make it clear it is a closed linear way rather than an area.