Aerodrome:type vs. aerodrome and big edit

Hello everybody,

we’ve been discussing in German whether it would fit better to replace aerodrome:type=* with aerodrome=* and if so, we would then make a big edit changing the keys.

Currently, there is a little more usage of aerodrome=international (550) than aerodrome:type=international (458).

Is anybody having comments or objections regarding the suggesions?

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I’m not a 100% clear what the tag change would imply, but I have a semantic
question. I was under the impression that the classification of aerodromes that is used in aerodrome:type is the classification introduced in the US by the FAA, and that there js no international equivalent. Am I right and, if so, would not the proposed change give a disproportionate importance to this classification?

I’m not aware of that FAA classification but my impression is that the current values fit airports in Europe very well.

not if you go into legal or regulatory details, unfortunately

I don’t think that we have to. If we want to, then we should indeed introduce a special tag like aerodrome:faa_class or something similar. The current values fit european airports as well. :slight_smile:

At least, let’s not forget that not all aerodromes are airports, and even that not all air strips are aerodromes. Applying an airport classification to aerodromes is like deciding if a mammal is a dalmatian, a bulldog, a terrier or a spaniel.

Aerodromes are usually classified according to abstruse aeronautical criteria, while airports are classified according to more commercial criteria. In France for instance, as far as I remember we tend to distinguish between passenger airports, cargo airports and industrial airports.

But is the current (de facto) scheme then wrongly tagged in your opinion?

I have two conflicting points of view:

  • as a mapper specialised in outdoors, I recently encountered a mountain air strip nearby a hiking route, I wanted to map it, and I found no understandable scheme that I could use. I then dug into lots of documentation (both local and international) and found that indeed the tagging scheme could definitely be improved.

  • I happen to be an aviation professional, but paradoxically that pushes me toward moderation. I know that aviation is incredibly complex and we should not go too far.

Pragmatically, maybe we could do something simple so as not to insult the future: separate airport-oriented tags and aerodrome-oriented tags. The consequences would be:

  • not perfect but acceptable if we end up with something like aerodrome=airstrip, which would be very similar to highway=path
  • flexible if aviation fanatics want to improve the aerodrome* tags, while aiport* tags stay simple for normal people who just want to know where the closest passenger airport is.
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then my suggestion would be to use a specific tag for it, like aerodrome:FAA=*

There exists an abandoned proposal for this topic:

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There exists an abandoned proposal for this topic:

I just updated the stats on the wiki-page