AED (defibrillator) in OSM

Sometimes “these people from OSM keep amazing me” →

When there is an emergency, “time counts”, and when i search for d e f i b r i l l a t o r , instead of (simple/short) AED , that matters in time and typing(errors) … my 2 cents .

Also, when i search on OSM for these devices, they do not show up ??

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Why no icon yet on OSM for these devices ?? :roll_eyes:

A search engine should, of course, give results no matter whether you search for “AED” or “defi” or any other variant of the name. But its ability to do so does not depend on the tag chosen, so I don’t really see any reason for concern.

Tags are optimized for mappers and data consumers, not something to be presented to end users as-is, so I think the current tagging a good choice. AED is simply not an internationally understood term, whereas some variant of “defibrillator” is known in several different languages. In a database with worldwide contributors, that’s an important consideration in my opinion.

Because you haven’t created a map that shows them.

There is already a map about that , but not on OSM .

I wonder how this map is created, as e.g. node 2881525246 is missing. It’s there since 2014, and the map is supposed to be updated in May 2017.

type e.g. AED in the Wizard of OverPass Turbo, and it gets you the correct query :slight_smile:
Synonyms, and translations are always the responsibility of the person making the map, e.g. if you deploy a map in Flanders, you should make it possible to search for “bakker”, even if the tag is bakery in OSM. This is not different for AED (e.g in Arabic you should be able to search for درهم إماراتي (if I used the correct translation tool)). isn’t supposed to be a magic portal offering access to all the maps that anyone makes with OpenStreetMap. The focus of the site is clear - it’s targeted at mappers.

There are indeed other maps that show defibrillators (and is another one). However most “specialist” features appear on specialist maps.

With regard to the Standard style, there are a couple of issues that mention defibrillators - - but there doesn’t seem to be an issue just for that (or an example of a map based on the standard style that shows them, or a pull request showing how they can be added to the standard style).

I surveyed the AEDs inside the Mechelen R6 ring and none is on that map.

The real problem with AEDs is not the name but the opening hours.
is the perfect example.
Is it inside or outside ?
Is it 24/7 ?
How reliable is the information ? This node is created by an anonymous international muchmapper without comment.

I only do the 24/7 outside AEDs.
For the others, I have a public map on Flickr.

How reliable is the information ?

A little mistake from me = the creator is the well respected escada, who I happen to know lives only 20 kilometers away from that AED.