Advertising=screen and man_made=video_wall

Some man_made=video_wall are advertising screens and in such case makes sense to combine advertising=screen man_made=video_wall

But what about

That is not qualifying for Tag:man_made=video_wall - OpenStreetMap Wiki but is a Tag:advertising=screen - OpenStreetMap Wiki - right?

@kylenz (author of Proposed features/Outdoor Screens - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

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@aharvey @Tordanik @Fizzie41 @cafeconleche @EneaSuper @Kiezkickerde pinging as you also voted on Proposed features/Outdoor Screens - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I am asking as currently advertising=screen page claims that it should be always combined with man_made=video_wall which does not seems like a good idea as some advertising screens may be small.

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agreed. Btw, what about reflective screens used to project video on them, e.g. in some subway stations?

never seen one, not sure what you mean, not sure how to tag them

basically in the situation I recall there were video projectors mounted above the central platform in a subway station, projecting at the walls beyond the rails (section is wall | rail | platform for both directions (projectors) | rail | wall). The effect for the people watching (or not) the videos was comparable to (active) video screens, just that the technology was different (no LED in the screens, screens just reflective).

Here’s a picture: Berlin Friedrichstraße U-Bahn station, Berlin, Germany | Flickr