"Advanced Concrete Polishing" displays instead of "Cairns"

At some zoom levels of the city of Cairns QLD Australia I see “Advanced Concrete Polishing” instead of “Cairns”. I can’t find this business using search and can’t see why this is taking priority over the Cairns name.

Can anyone help explain this oddity?


My guess is that someone added advertising spam to OSM, but that the node has been removed in the meantime. This is confirmed by the fact that you cannot find the business when you search for it.

It just takes a will to get all those zoomlevels updated.


There are currently 2 nodes and 1 way with name=“Chairns” (http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/B09). No object match the query name=“Advanced Concrete Polishing”, so it just need some time until the tile-server catches up with rendering new tiles.

In version 23 of the Cairns place node on August 4th, a user named “Advanced Concrete Polishing” edited the node to make it show their business. It was noticed and fixed by another contributor the next day.