The address-part of the style-file looks like:

mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level8=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level8}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level7=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level7}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level6=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level6}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level9=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level9}' } 
mkgmap:country=DEU & mkgmap:city!=* & mkgmap:admin_level10=* { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level10}' } 

Could it be possible to change mkgmap, that you have two (or more) mkgmap:city for **one **street? So you could find a street if you search for the admin8-name OR admin9-name.


No - there is no straight forward solution for that. There can be only one city for one street object. This is a limitation of the Garmin map format (as far as we know…).

Maybe it would be possible to create two street objects with different city names for the same OSM street. @Style gurus: Any proposals how to achieve that?


You can make two ways:

highway=unclassified  & name=*  & mkgmap:admin_level8=*{ set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level8}' } [0x06 road_class=0 road_speed=3 resolution 21 continue]
highway=unclassified  & name=* & mkgmap:admin_level9=*  { set mkgmap:city='${mkgmap:admin_level9}' } [0x06 road_class=0 road_speed=3 resolution 24]

Problem: Only ways which are routable are indexed, they both have to be routable. I’m not sure what consequences are to have two routable lines on top of each other.

Cgpsmapper supports multiple cities for a road, so it is not a map format limitation.