Administrative borders

I am not sure if the current administrative division of Slovenija is correct in OSM.
Currently it is in OSM that way

admin_level=2 Slovenija
admin_level=3 Vzhodna Slovenija + Zahodna Slovenija
admin_level=5 12 regions
admin_level=8 xy občine

boundary=administrative + admin_level=3 are two statistical regions called NUTS-2 with no administrative functions.
Same with boundary=administrative + admin_level=5, which are NUTS-3 statistical regions with no administrative function.


As far as I know, the government proposal to split the country into some regions was not agreed on in June 2008. So there are no administrave borders between country (admin_level=2) and občine (admin_level=8).

I am no sure if admin_level=3 and 5 should be changed from boundary=administrative to boundary= census, statistic or such?

I agree with change to AdminLevel 3, since it is statistical region to split Slovenia in 2 regions of appropriate sizes. To Slovenians it doesn’t mean anything. and it is not really useful in nominatim search.

For AdminLevel 5 it is true that it is not official administrative border, but this are actually regions with common name so it is usefull in nominatim search of common village names so I would leave them as they are. Unless we enter regions (štajerska, gorenjska,…) in some other way.

We actually have another administrative layer 7 as you can see in , but in is not entered in OSM.

Regards Aleš