Admin levels of boundaries in Greece - please help!

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Could somebody please answer to my question:

  1. and Should this municipalities be the same admin_level? If yes, which exactly - admin_level=7 or admin_level=8?

  2. The city of Athens. What administrative division currently describe city limit of Athens? The relation or multipolygon with what admin_level?
    This understanding in necessary to build address search in navigation program (Country-City-Street-house). As I understand, the basic unit for addressing in Greece is admin_level=8, but I can not find such relation or multipolygon for Athens.

Thanks in advance.

  1. admin_level=8, except in Urban Athens, which is admin_level=7.

  2. Greater Athens consists of:

  • Regional unit of Central Athens
  • Regional unit of North Athens
  • Regional unit of West Athens
  • Regional unit of South Athens
  • Regional unit of Piraeus

The regional units are admin_level = 6, The Attica region is admin_level = 4, so Greater Athens should be admin_level = 5, and it doesn’t exist… yet.

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Could you please check this page and if it is nessessary restore the relation with proper admin_level.
It is really difficult to read greek language with google translator :smiley:

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I tried many times but I can’t easily restore deleted relations (I know that nodes and ways can be restored). Can anyone clarify on this?

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