Admin_level for Nepal

Namaste dear friends,

do you use

  • admin_level=8
    for cities border in Nepal?

If no, I would suggest to use that :wink:

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could you add Nepal to this table in wiki:


AFAIK the admin boundry of Nepal is in following order Country > Development Regions > Zones > District > Municipality/VDC > Wards

We have 5 Development Regions , 14 Zones , 75 Districts, 3754 VDC + 72 Municipality and each Municipality/VDC have multiple wards.

I dont know how that fits into the admin level definition of OpenStreetMap.

Maybe the most practically important is to put cities in Admin Level 8 because this has practically value for search in navigation apps.
Not all levels must be filled:
The suggested admin level structure is different in different countries some countries (e.g. small islands) have only 3 or 4 admin levels.
With other words: you can define it alone.
When I understand it right is country border admin level 2. Look simply how is it in other countries and decide :wink:

Is it possible to you, to draw administrative border from Kathmandu?

Dear friends, I try to make OSM Nepal navigation for you all.
Please draw administrative borders for the cities.
No borders, no good navigation.

If you dont know exactly outlines odf admin borders please draw, approximation borders.
It is better than nothing.