Admin Boundariy Nunavut

With the OSMI I saw a huge number of inner_outer_mismatch in the admin boundaries of Nunavut (,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes,role_mismatch_hull,role_mismatch,duplicate_tags_hull,duplicate_tags

For me, on a formal basis this is logic: all the water of Hudson Bay is included in the province, and the Islands lying within that boundary are tagged as wrongly as “outer”.
But they are of course, they are not “inner” since they belong to the province.

What could be a solution to the contradiction:

  1. taking all the Islands in Hodson Bay out of the relation at all.
    and addionally maybe
  2. create a new relation “landmass Nunavut” containing the islands and the other land of the province and exclude the water.

Nobody cares for about two years - so i removed that “outer” because they are unneccesary AND wrong.