admin boundaries in ireland


i found that the admin_level=5 boundaries for Ulster has been set to historic long time ago. But the boundaries of Connatch, Leinster and Munster still have boundary=administrative.

Is that correct or wrong?

Just wan’t to know what’s going on there, because there are gaps at level 5.


Nobody cares about your local boundaries? Sorry, but that can’t be true.

Nobody to answer my simple question.

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@wambacher The last non-drive-by posting in this forum was in April 2014 - no-one uses it. Try asking on the talk-ie list or on #osm-ie and I’m sure you’ll get an answer.

@wambacher Yes your right, there is an issue, but… its complicated

It has to do with the division of Ireland nearly 100 years ago

Ulster, is nine counties, 6 of which are in Northern Ireland and 3 of which are in Ireland (south), 2 separate countries

Its something that has been discussed a few times, the best way to tag everything appropriately, If you have a suggestion, please don’t be afraid to share :slight_smile:

btw, love your boundary site, awesome work


yes i know about the historical reasons. but i got no answer to my question: Are those al5-areas REAL existing ADMIN-areas in ireland or not? or should they be tagged as historical like Ulster?

Strange: I found this info in the german wikipedia but no english (language!) translation for this:

“Irland besteht aus vier historischen Provinzen (Connacht, Leinster, Munster, Ulster), die wiederum in Grafschaften (Countys) aufgeteilt sind. Die Provinzen haben keine Bedeutung mehr für die Verwaltung des Staates, spielen jedoch zum Beispiel im Sport noch eine Rolle.”

so i used google translation:

“Ireland consists of four historic provinces (Connacht, Leinster, Munster, Ulster), which in turn in counties (counties) are divided. The provinces have no meaning for the administration of the state, but for example, play a role in the sport.”

so from my point of view Connacht, Leinster & Munster should become boundary=historical too.

See map:

sorry, munster(5) is being damaged again and again by a local mapper. He kills it, i fix it - hi kills it - i fix it - he … :frowning:
This time the outer of munster was bad again and is missing on my map. (has just been fixed by one of your mappers)

The counties (AL6) are fine of course:


yes, i see that ireland prefers not to use the forum. next time i’ll register at talk-ie.

On the contrary, we care deeply about our local boundaries! Its just that the Irish community haven’t been very active on this forum, but I have a feeling that this is going to change!

The townland project is now focusing on that particular area. There is a map on this page which shows the progress. Red indicates recent activity. Maybe just ignore the errors for the time being, at least until the area is fully mapped. Sometimes by going in and fixing stuff you can interfere with fellow OSM mapper and disrupt his/her workflow due to data conflicts. There are a lot of experienced mappers keeping an eye on the progress.