Addressnodes in EveryDoor

I recently started with mapping for OSM, as I liked its services. Now I use Street Complete and Every Door as mapping tools for on the go.

However, as I added some new shops to the map by using Every Door, I got a comment I should add addressnodes to my submits, which I have no idea how to do.

Is there a way to add addressnodes by using Every Door? What even is an addressnode? Should I be using Every Door (or Street Complete) or are there other apps better suited for on the go mapping (using a phone)

Hi and welcome to OSM

The address-information is part of the node-tagging (see Addresses - OpenStreetMap Wiki).

I never used Every Door but the Wiki mentions an address-mode: Every Door - OpenStreetMap Wiki

You can add the address in the first fields of the restaurant card. (if you scroll to the right, you will find a button for manually entering the address)

I got a comment I should add addressnodes to my submits

It sounds quite strange, because usually this is not necessary, and sometimes impossible, because the POI may not have an address