Addressing in Sweden

Hi all!
Could somebody please help me?
How do the addressing works in Sweden? For example, in Svedala kommun I see Svedala which tagged as town, Bara and Klågerup which tagged as village.
Does the addresses in Klågerup separated from addresses Svedala?
In other words, how your will write address for this building
This understanding is necessary for building address search in converted maps for our navigation software.

Thanks in advance.


I think you’ll get better (quicker) response on the talk-se mailinglist or on IRC @ . :wink:

Still, the answer is: it depends. In your examples Svedala and Klågerup are separate. If you look at the tags Karl Wettin has done some work to import all “adress places” into OSM. Check the tag ref:se:posten:postort= for the “correct” value (incorrect capitalization in the Klågerup case though). :slight_smile:

The term “postort” (literally postal town) are seperate from defined urban areas. An urban area does not always have a corresponding postort.

The addressing that you link to does not define a postort (or addr:city) though, simply because I didn’t know which were used in those cases. It’s also difficult to know where the borders for the different “postorts” are in the countryside.

If you keep the mapping to street name and house number, it shouldn’t be more difficult than to look for these, no matter the town.

Old thread, but anyway…