Addresses under flight path

I see there is a project to add addresses (underway…) but right now if I want to understand the number and addresses of households under a flight path, that possible in OS?

Assuming you’re using OS to mean OpenStreetMap and not Ordnance Survey:

I think this can probably be done with an Overpass query, for one offs it’s probably easiest to do this in Overpass turbo if you have a flight path from another source.

Address tags are documented on the wiki, as are tags for residential buildings, for things like apartments and terraces you will have to do some estimates for how many households/building.

The around filter can accept a linestring as an input so it should be possible to convert the flightpath to a linestring and just query for places you think are “close enough to care”.

I suggest using standard GIS software viz QGIS for this purpose, as simple as “join attribute by location” spatial join to generate an attribute directly showing the distance of that feature to the flight path. Only use Overpass, or the OSM plugin of GIS software, to dl all the raw data in the region.
Overpass doesn’t have a distance function available. Furthermore, that enables you to do some 3D math by considering the altitude next in the workflow, and much more possibilities within easy reach. Besides, you will want to work on all flight paths, by grabbing all the data. Each around: only accepts 1 line each, not very efficient.
Fundamentally, you should look for population (density) datasets directly, not addresses. That totally depends on how addresses are assigned, and what buildings they are, etc. Then ideally you find the NEF contours of that airport, probably have to manually digitize it. This allows you to calculate the impact somehow, and visualize it reliably.