Addresses in Ottawa, ON, Canada returning City: Ontario

Hey all,

Trying to use Algolia Places right now for address autocomplete, and all search requests for addresses inside Ottawa, Ontario are returning Administrative: Ontario, City: Ontario. This doesn’t make any sense, so how would I go about changing that? Ottawa is being returned as County, however I don’t think this is necessarily good enough (county isn’t the result I want in many cases).

Thanks everyone!

It sounds to me like the problem resides with that geocoder, not OSM. I did a quick test with Nominatim for a road within Ottawa, and it correctly reports the “state” as Ontario and the city as Ottawa, so the OSM database seems to be correct. The Ottawa boundary relation hasn’t been changed in 5 months, so it isn’t that there was something broken that was only recently fixed. I’d contact the geocoder to see if they can tell why their software isn’t giving the right result.