Addresses/Buildings that straddle administrative boundaries

I went surveying yesterday, and there are a couple of addresses/lots/buildings that straddle a particular administrative boundary. I’m not sure what the proper value to assign to “addr:city”

Here is the area in question:

…and here is a screenshot (click for full size):

What I’m questioning is how would the circled buildings be properly tagged? What is the criteria for which building belongs where?

Thanks in advance!

Would people living in those buildings use a city name in their postal address?

I don’t think that’s really a qualifying “thing” as people here rarely differentiate between “township” and “city” for any other reason than status (some view living in the township as being higher “class” than living in the city proper)

Regardless…either could claim “Painesville” (without the township/city specification) and still, for example, receive their mail or have guests find their home just as easily

I think in Baarle (split between the Netherlands and Belgium) they use the location of the front door, which might be an idea.

Yes, the Royal Mail (UK postal delivery system) codes individual addresses as “delivery points” which are the actual geolocation of the letter box (or equivalent). In the US where most deliveries will be kerb-side mailboxes I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar doesn’t hold. But, also, as I’ve said on IRC I would not be surprised here if “Painesville” is not used for all properties.