Addresses are not complete ? API


I would like to use the OSM API to let users choose a specific address of their delivery address among the OSM suggestions only. But it seem many address are not found with the street number ?

I mainly did my test on the Luxembourg area.

For example :±+Luxembourg&rflfq=1&num=20&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAB3NvU3EAAyGYaUAXQuBJlUWQPr8b_eUVGwApwiuQJESncQ8dHS3A9swBRaFm0f268P1NFoFyMuDpIJhlDaNGgWHCLlmlolXNXqmmSoEpBSkztNtchISqBKDZLSNYoVwRzlxJzta0x0lUojNuUBQRlm2CnNQ_i-S9rWIt1rAxSgUQSalDu1sqUii33a0miguw_A73D8vx_dl69nnl31fj6ef72X_urp5PK3b_DA_nT-Xj9f1vL39ATJNr0HwAAAA&ved=2ahUKEwjS5t6ptNfgAhXz8OAKHZqDALwQjHIwHHoECAcQBQ&rldimm=5970169671397205185&tbs=lrf:,lf:1#rlfi=hd:;si:5970169671397205185,l,ChFEaW9yIC0gTHV4ZW1ib3VyZyIDiAEBWgIKAA;mv:!1m2!1d49.6132006!2d6.1292824!2m2!1d49.6101867!2d6.1279125
Provide this address: 13 Rue Philippe II, 2540 Luxembourg

Using OSM, the result do not provide the street number :

Street found, but not number… So not good for a delivery address…

So, what do you think the best way to request a delivery address with accurate OSM data ?

How the OSM Database is complete ?



How complete the database is depends on the area. In this case, it doesn’t appear that any addresses have been mapped (or at least not many), so a reverse geocoder doesn’t have a house number to provide.

Addresses are one area where OSM is generally lacking. We do a good job of getting the streets mapped, but not necessarily the addresses because they’re a lot more tedious to record. The areas with good address coverage are probably ones where addresses were imported from another source. Outside of those, you’ll get occasional clusters of addresses or just scattered individual addresses.