Address search


Thanks for excellent work.

I use a Nuvi 200 W and address search does not work -(it asks for province)
I tried your suggestion for a 2 step process:
Search for city - using “where to” → “city”
Then search for streetname? is that a special function for other Garmin models, or do you mean address search?
Does not work for me.
Long ago I tried MkGMap myself, and I had to use RoadnamePOIs to be able to search for roads.
Is that still available on Mkgmap, or is there a specific reason why you don’t use it?


It has been enabled at some point but disabled again later because of reported problems. See here.

Basically it’s very difficult to create maps that work perfectly for each and every device and software and a workaround for one type of device may result in problems on another device. This is a deadlock which would be avoided if Mkgmap generated the correct index structure which it doesn’t because the Garmin file format isn’t completely understood.

Thanks for the reply.
I understand that you have to satisfy the majority users.
Thanks for your hard work.

Sorry for resuscitating this old topic, but I haven’t found a better one.
I have tried the Lambertus maps (thank you for your great work!) and the address search works perfectly. Since cities have not the local name, but only the English name (i.e. I have to search for Florence instead of Firenze) I have tried to create the maps starting from the OSM data provided by Geofabrik, but in my maps the search address does not work at all (I can’t find cities nor streets).
Starting form the Geofabrik data I split the osm.pbf file using:

mkgmap-splitter --description=Italia --output-dir=Italia --geonames-file=cities15000.txt italy-latest.osm.pbf 

then I use mkgmap to create the img file:

mkgmap --route --add-pois-to-areas --bounds=../ --index --gmapsupp --output-dir=mkgmap --description=Italia --country-name=Italia --country-abbr=ITA --x-split-name-index --housenumbers --location-autofill=is_in,nearest --check-roundabouts --check-roundabout-flares --style-file=style 632400*.osm.pbf

Where is the error?
If it is not a secret, may I ask to Lambertus which parameters does he use?

Thank you very much


Hi Alessio,

the options look good to me. You may want to add the --name-tag-list option, without it mkgmap uses only the name tag.


A complete list is here:


i would remove --country-name=Italia --country-abbr=ITA, I think mkgmap work out this automatically form boundary file, which I think works better. You probably should add --precomp-sea, if you want a blue sea around Italy.

Hi all.
Thank you very much for your suggestion. I have realized that the search by address now function as follow:
if I insert the first letter of the city name only, under the search bar appear a few suggestions; after the second letter the suggestions disappear. If, after the first letter, I press “Done” I have a list of the first 50 cities whose name begins with that letter. If I press done after the second letter I have an empty list with “No matches found”.
If I open the gmapsupp.img file with GPSMapEdit I can see that the index with all the cities is present.

Any idea will be appreciated.


PS popej, instead of --precomp-sea, since I haven’t found the precompiled sea tiles, I have used --generate-sea=multipolygon and now, in the coastal area, the map is pleasantly lighter.

I finally solved the search address problem and I write here my solution in case it is useful to others.
The .img file was created with the wrong character encoding: 7 bits (I used gmaptool to get information about the file). I added to mkgmaps the --latin1 option and now the search works.

Thank you very much to all of you and especially to Lambertus for his work.