Address issue, after mapping. Address will not show up in the search

Hi Guys,

I’m new to all of this but since two days I’ve started mapping Erbil - Iraq
I’ve marked as much building that I could do in two days.

Then I found an area where I had all the details of

  • Street Address
  • House numbers

So I added all those please see the following link;

But here is the problem:
When I do a search for example: English Village 122, Erbil Iraq on

It wont show the exact house, it only navigates to the area (English Village)

Am I doing something wrong?

Hope to hear from you soon!

My first guess is that Nominatim cannot properly handle addresses where the streets have no names. The “English Villiage” is a landuse polygon, not a street.
When I search for your address, it returns the landuse (, not the node with the house number. That is why positions the map on “English Village”, not on the house.

I don’t know how you can “solve” this issue with tagging, or whether it has to be solved in Nominatim.

Thank you for taking your time to respond.

What will happen if I name all the streets in English Village to: ‘English Village St’ will this then solve the problem?


It seems like i have solved the problem.
I named all the streets in English Village to: English Village St and changed all the data connected to the building also to English Village St.

And now when you do a search, it will show the exact house number

Example: Search for English Village St 208, Erbil

Please note

  • In OSM we normally write the full names, so please use “Street” instead of “St”.
  • We normally map what is on the ground, so do not add street names just to make some renderer or Nominatim happy

If the neighbourhood is called “English Village” and if this name is used for addressing, then you can mark it as a node with:

name=English Village

And in addresses, use addr:place instead of addr:street, for example:

addr:postcode =44001
addr:place=English Village

This tagging is already supported by Nominatim and OsmAnd, as far as i know.

Thanks it worked!

And to Escade, the sign beside the road all say “St” or “Rd”

That’s one of the exceptions to “map what is on the ground”, use the full word. Any program can abbreviate Street to St and Road to Rd when it’s needed, but the opposite is not always possible. Over here St is een abbreviation for "Sint’ (dutch for Saint).