`addr:street` doesn't match street names nearby


Apologies, I don’t speak Taiwanese so I hope I can write in English. I’m reaching out on behalf of Osmose.

We noticed that there are almost 800000 addresses in Taiwan where the addr:street value does not match with any nearby street name.

For example, the following address contains:
while the nearby streets are called:

  • 中山路一段376巷
  • 中正路251巷
  • 中華路一段
  • 中正路

So none of the streets is called 中華路一段376巷12弄.

Is this mismatch between addr:street and the name of the streets correct, or is this something that needs to be fixed in the OSM data? If it is correct that the street name and addr:street values differ, we will disable the corresponding check for Taiwan.

Thank you for your reply!

Local mapper here👋

The checks that Osmose had done were correct. It’s the case that street data in Taiwan should be improved.

The addresses are imported by community from the data sources provided by local government, and the streets are manually mapped by human efforts. Hence, some small alleys are not recorded in OSM database yet.

As the example you provided, 中華路一段376巷12弄 looks like a private driveway which could be drawn in OSM but it is too small for the mappers to notice its existence. The address data can be a good reference for the mappers to highlight the missing.

Our local mappers are working hard to improve the data completeness and the reported issues can be slowly fixed on Osmose.


Just add some notes:
The street names in Taiwan have several levels:

  1. Road (路) / Street (街) / Boulevard (大道)
  2. 巷 (Lane)
  3. 弄 (Alley)

In Taiwan, There are currently a lot of missing road names for lane / alley level driveways. Also, postal address for lane / alley level can be assigned to residential area with private footway access.


Hello French friend, just as the other two Taiwanese mappers had pointed out, the Taiwan road->lane->alley naming system is quite complicated. It will take some time to fix those massive issues. I will start from Taipei City in northern part of Taiwan.


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