Addr:postcode in Canada

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To my surprise the postcode in question, J0X 1E0, is popping up in 5 clusters:


Overpass query

Zooming in around the places I see more variation in postcodes then I would expect. What is going on?

In a less than 0.1 sq km area I found 19 different values for the addr:postcode tag:

Yeah, there are (/were…) two problems here:

  1. the mapper “mapaylmer”, who hasn’t contributed for seven years, added a bunch of gibberish postal codes in Gatineau, and,
  2. a seemingly earnest typo at a park in Mansonville (Way History: ‪Parc de la rivière Missisquoi Nord‬ (‪437146571‬) | OpenStreetMap), which accidentally transposed J0X 1E0 for J0E 1X0,

resulted in Nominatim putting the geographical ‘midpoint’ of the J0X 1E0 postal code in Ottawa.

I’ve since fixed the postal codes of the affected buildings/park.

Someone should really go back through all of the buildings’ postal codes in Gatineau; many of them are a hodgepodge when they should generally be consistent along one side of a street for at least a block or two.

Problem solved @Joseph_Olstad!


Thank you! I look forward to seeing how this works out next week.