addr:housenumber "and a half"

I’ve looked in various places and can’t find a solid answer to this.

Is there a consensus on the best way to handle addresses with a number that is a half value?

Ie, driving along the road, you might seen a house number of “1009”, “1011”, “1011 1/2”, “1013”. They may be a duplex, or may be separate structures. Regardless, the address points are separate, and are separate residences.

Should it just be entered in as addr:housenumber = “1011 1/2”? Or would there be a preference as “1011.5”? It’s usually displayed (around here, Louisville, KY, anyway) as the fraction rather than the decimal…


Just looking for a little guidance for the best way to handle this.



Use 1011½?

In general, house numbers are strings (in contradiction to the word :slight_smile: ) in Belgium you might find e.g. 2A or 3BIS, 3/1 as well.
So when you see a sign where is is displayed as 1011 1/2 just enter it like that or with the “special” character sdoerr did.
I see no use in a translation to 1011.5

OK, that’s kinda how I was leaning. Good to get some input from others to make sure I wasn’t missing some aspect of something to argue for the other.