Additional roof types (4D Roof table) support in Kendzi3d / F4 Map

Hi Guys,

There are additional roof types described in
Some of them are very frequent in real buildings, e.g. side_hipped, tripple_skillion, round_skillion.

I’ve notice that Kendzi3d supports at least some of them, at least by number, e.g. roof:shape=2.7 indeed produces this

Are there any plans to support additional roof types globally, i.e. in all major 3d renders, F4 Map, OSMBuildings, osm2world?

If not, what are the current views what to use instead?

Current practice, to construct roof segments individually, like this, looks rather an abuse of the idea of simple buildings.

I don’t think so. You could ask there, its probably better than here in the Forum.

Negreheb, thank you very much.
the last commit to kendzi3d repository was 2 years ago…

I am also interested what other guys think :slight_smile:

I believe it could make sense to add support for a few of the OSM-4D roof shapes (by name, rather than number). Not fully sure which would be good picks, but side_hipped and triple_skillion are possible candidates.

In addition, we might want to support the parameters for roof shapes which are depicted in the diagrams, but have no OSM keys defined for them yet:

We could fill that gap with keys like roof:ridge_distance:right=* for the “l2” parameter in the image above.

So yeah, I think the S3DB roof catalogue could do with some updates. But I’d be interested what other renderer developers think – so far, 3D is one of the topics in OSM with pretty good cross-application standardization, so I would prefer to discuss such changes with a larger group first.

Resorting to this is probably necessary more often than it ought to be. But as there’ll never be a name for every potential roof shape, some ability to draw geometry to model roofs by hand will remain necessary. Maybe it’s worth offering an alternative to building parts for this? This would be a larger change, though.

Hi Tordanik, thank your for your answer :slight_smile:

Definitely it would be nice to discuss this with all 3D developers. If I support something on my site that is not supported by others, it would not be nice at all. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s worth offering an alternative to building parts for this?
But what is this alternative, how could it look like?

What I am is thinking, for quite a long time, that 3D should be generated by AI. If there are tags building=church + architecture=baroque than baroque church should be generated, which more or less match the building outline.
Not much progress so far :slight_smile:

Hi Zkir, maybe we should organize one new S3DB conference again. Not physically but as a virtual event?

Unfortunately, there are no applications yet. It seems to be planned to release a new version next year.