Adding time to gpx files before upload

I have many tracks that I saved before I found OpenStreet map but I cannot upload them because the time is missing from the gpx file.
Is the actual time value important as I am going to write a utility to fix them as I haven’t found one by anyone else yet.


I think 1 reason time stamps are needed is so that it to some degree deters people uploading gpx data which has been created from sources other than gps’s which may be copyright, so if your not breaking this golden rule then there isn’t really much wrong, but I think you should stick this question on your user page or the mailing list where people who, in effect, administrate that section will read it. Unless it’s just a standard element of a gpx file, then I imagine the timestamp being required has a reason for being there though, so it shouldn’t just be ignored or bypassed.

I would suggest just opening those tracks locally and taking the data from them though, since that way you are not breaking any rules but gain the same. GPX files are a source of data that helps to show where OSM’s data has come from, so if you pollute it with ‘fixed’ data as you put it, then that doesn’t help things. Publicly stating your going to do so of coarse doesn’t help much either.

Is the time value required by josm when it auto-converts gpx data to ways?..not that you really need that function anyway but that is the only real disadvantage from an editing perspective that I can think of.

If you do this, please:

a. Generate an obviously fake timestamp (e.g. 1970)
b. Have ascending timestamps, so the second point is 1s on from the first, and so on
c. To be super nice, please insert extra time (an hour?) when there’s an obvious jump in the track - some GPX display code (e.g. Potlatch) will pick up on this and not join the dots between them