Adding Street Names for Honiara Solomon Islands


I work with with Solomon Islands Government and we have Street Names available for Honiara.

We have provided this to Google Maps and would also like to provide these details to OSM.

But we aren’t sure how to provide this and in what formats.
We are hoping to dump the details to someone so it can be updated.

Please advise as we want to help make OSM better for Solomon Islands.


Hi David, and welcome to OSM!

You have two options here: directly edit OpenStreetMap yourself, or provide a data file that volunteer mappers can use as a source.

If you’d like to add the street names directly to OSM, simply hit the Edit button and start editing. Make sure to add a sentence to your user profile indicating that you’re editing on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government.

If you’d rather provide a file, then save the data as a GeoJSON and upload it to a text hosting service like Send us the link, and we’ll handle the rest :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Firstly, thanks for getting in touch to offer your data to OSM.

This looks like it would be an import of external data, so IMO the Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki would apply.

Probably the most important part of those is Step 2 - License approval getting confirmation that the data is released under the appropriate licence. Given that the data owner (represented by @David-A-A) is the one wanting the import to happen this shouldn’t be hard.

The guidelines do look complicated, but as Clay said, once we have access to the data someone can “do the rest”, and/or help you to do it.

David, if you can provide a sample of the data (or link to entire data) that you provided to google, it is quite likely that it is already in a format that we can use.
Can you tell us how many streets there are in Honiara, to give an idea of the scale of the import?

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I dont think this is a import at all, its getting way to technical in the oceania community to put information legitament/sourced/official information in the map. Especially when the data will be used to improved the map and fix incorrect data. I think the roads themselves would count as a import but once that is done attributes can be maintained individually for accuracy.

Thanks all.
I will get the information during the working week and send a link.

Hi @David-A-A as a minimum can you make sure there is a statement of where the data comes from and what licence the Solomon’s government is releasing it under. It would be easiest for OSM if they do that under CC0 or ODbL, as these licences are compatible. Otherwise we will have to get an explicit waiver from them to be able to use the data.



Dear OSM Community,

The attached is a listing of Building names, and Street names for Honiara, Solomon Islands.

These details are provided by the Solomon Islands Government and Solomon Islands Postal Service, under the Open Data Commons Open Database License.

Please use this with attributing to Solomon Islands Government and Solomon Islands Postal Service when appropriate.

Download of Building and Street Data

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I have archived the data on GitHub GitHub - FrakGart/guadalcanal_data: Guadalcanal street names and Honiara building names. I was unable to find a suitable place on the OSM wiki to note its existence.

Thanks anyway.
Hopefully someone picks this up to update OSM with street names for Honiara

Take care