Adding to verify postal address

Placekey is relatively new technology, and I am updating OSM as I am building my own local address database. There are a few reasons I record Placekey, one of them is to check if the postal address really exists or if there is any disagreement. Then for its original purpose - to use it as a primary key for distributed databases. I heard real estate people love Placekey.

I am new to OSM, what should I do? Ignore Placekey for OSM? Would it be a good idea to somehow record Placekey in OSM, to help describe the real-estate lot, and verify the postal address? How would you proceed? Use my own tag, or propose a new tag?


I think there is no need to integrate Placekey into OSM database. Placekey works independent of that and adds nothing useful to OSM itself.
You can use any tag you like, but I for myself would ignore Placekey for OSM.

Similar technologies like whatXwords are also not integrated for same reasons.

Thanks for responing. I suspect placekey is not an ideal technology, although its very effective. Many privately owned databases going to be using placekey to connect to each other, where placekey is a global primary key, which you can “guess” with confidence. If there is a postal address there is the one placekey everyone is using.

Plus Codes or whatxwords are Google property, placekey is a competitor to Google. My only concern is, of course that Google going to buy up Placekey and make the data proprietary. So placekey would not be a “permanent” solution, something like wikidata with the Q numbers is the permanent solution.

I guess building my own SQL store as I update OSM is the only sensible solution, for now. As I learn more about OSM and cartography, as I implement my own tile server and such - this is going to evolve.