Adding Missing Highways in Serbia

Hi everyone,

Marjan from TomTom here.

A few weeks ago we informed you about some MapRoulette challenges for fixing quality issues in Serbia.

Today I’m sharing a new challenge that can help you add missing highways in Serbia. You can find it here.

We identified the missing highways in this challenge by comparing OSM to TomTom’s own map. Of course we wanted to present you with as many correct highways as possible. So, we verified the data against imagery sources (for instance Digital Globe) and (where available) probes. We excluded highways for which we did not have enough evidence to say they exist.

If you’d like to create some highways, go ahead and open up the challenge. You will see it contains some more detailed instructions. Please only add a road if you can verify that it exists based on the aerial imagery sources available and/or your local knowledge.

We will also take on this challenge in a few weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.