Adding Missing Gates and Access Tag

Hello Folks,

Grab Geo is starting a review for adding missing gates and possible access tags in Bangkok and its surroundings based on the survey from the local team and the knowledge from local area mappers. These are the location of villages or gated communities in the city and its surrounding.

Please feel free to join the mapping initiative here.


  • If you find a gate at the flagged location, Please place a node on the highway with barrier=gate.
  • Based on your local knowledge/Mapillary/KartaView Imagery, if you find the access type of the gate, please add access tag on it. If the gate is access controlled, please add access tag on the highway after partitioning the highway at the location of the gate.
  • Please mark any task as Not an issue if the flagged location is not valid for adding a gate.

Please feel free to reach out to @Grab_Geo @Saikat_Maiti for any questions or suggestions.

Happy Mapping!