Adding maps on Oregon 550T


I currently use a Garmin Oregon 550T along with Max OSX Lion, Basecamp, MapInstall and MapManager.

Back in August I downloaded a .gmapi file containing the maps for a particular country. Installed it no problems whatsoever.

I have recently downloaded further .gmapi files for a couple of different countries. When I go to MapManager and install them, it comes up with the usual question asking me if I want to install, so I click install. It tells me that it has installed ok. Everything seems ok so far…

Anyway, when I go to MapInstall I select my connected device and click next. Then on the next page in the drop down arrow to select maps, the only map available to me is the one I installed back in August; OSM World Routable (12-08-2011).gmapi. It does not even show that I have the other maps installed on the computer. They are a similar name but have a -1, -2 and -3 after the date e.g.; OSM World Routable (30-09-2011)-1.gmapi.

Can anyone advise me how I load all these maps on to my device?

Kind Regards

Hey Mike-

I use BC on a Mac as well. When you go to Maps/Installed Maps Info… how many maps do you see in the list there? What are the filenames?



I have:

Global Map 2.00 Unlocked /Applications/Garmin Application Basemap v2.gmap


OSM World Routable (12-08-2011) 1.00 Unlocked /Users/Michael/Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps/OSM orld Routable (12-08-2011).gmap

Anyone able to offer any more help on this?

I don’t use a Mac, but it might be worth asking your question here:

Also, if you are downloading from you realize that the Family ID’s and map names are re-used so it is possible that BC is only seeing the oldest. I’d suggest deleting or uninstalling, but I don’t know how that works on a Mac.

You also might try downloading a Mac map from another site like and see if it loads. It won’t have the map name re-use issues that has because the maps aren’t generated from a script.

Thank you, I will give that a whirl. Cheers