Adding local user groups


I guess not every nation listens on TALK mailinglist, so here my post again on the forums:

As some might know, the German division has a nice map of all local groups at
Inspired by this one, I created an international version and a simple bot collecting all together.

So if you put this on the page of your local meeting wiki page:
then you will appear after while here:

Would be very interesting where in the world is OSM a big topic and if they are similar organised like here. So I would be glad if you would notify on the localised mailinglists etc.

I think we dont have any local mapping group here in CZ. Everybody maps on his own, which is maybe a pity. But thanks for the offer.

Ah ok. But can you post on your mailinglist, anyway? Somtimes there might be a suprise if there is a team somewhere or if a team gets founded cause of the request :slight_smile: