Adding local user groups


I guess not every nation listens on TALK mailinglist, so here my post again on the forums:

As some might know, the German division has a nice map of all local groups at
Inspired by this one, I created an international version and a simple bot collecting all together.

So if you put this on the page of your local meeting wiki page:
then you will appear after while here:

Would be very interesting where in the world is OSM a big topic and if they are similar organised like here. So I would be glad if you would notify on the localised mailinglists etc.

We read TALK, some of us do :smiley:
The only problem we have with this is that we need to set a meeting place for our local user group.
We don’t have a meeting place, we do it all online: talk-hr, irc, forum, skype …
We met few times but always few different people and at different places.
So there is no central meeting place.

Well ok but a lot of people dont read TALK or their local TALK-XYZ lists :slight_smile:

Well the focus is on the team aspect of course and that the people meet regular. It’s on you to decide but to me this sounds more like a general nationwide project and not a local user group? Some others requested a second layer showing all the nations with it’s projects. I will do that for sure but cause of the mass this needs another technique and that might need a few weeks :wink:

Yes, we treat it as a nationwide project.
We are curently taging all the primary, secondary, tertiary roads according to our national classification of roads, and everyone tags everywhere :smiley:
We’ll try to start our local meetings. If we start you’ll know :smiley: