Adding GPX to openstreetmap

I have edited the openstreetmap now regularly but I have an issue.
Whenever I do a hike and I found a new track I upload my GPX file and add/edit the track on Openstreetmap.

I noticed that my Garmin Topo map provides a lot of trails that are not on the openstreetmap, so I want to draw these trails on the Openstreetmap. So I tried to draw a route or track on my computer in the Garmin maps (I use Garmin Mapsource/Basecamp to do this), I export the created track as a GPX, I upload it to Openstreetmap and the trail isn’t visible on Openstreetmap to be edited.

Why is this and how should I edit this? I want to draw them in Openstreetmap and then check them on the terrain if they can be kept or deleted.


I expect that the track you are drawing following a trail in Basecamp and saving as a .gpx do not have a timestamp for each trackpoint and I think they are needed for OSM.
You can use Gpsbabel to add fake timestamps
gpsbabel -i gpx -f infile.gpx -x track,faketime=f20201028200000+10 -o gpx -F outfile.gpx

However, Garmin Topo maps are copyrighted and you cannot use them as a source for adding tracks to the OSM.
You will need to hike these trails yourself and record the track for OSM or obtain the info from open sources.