Adding Forum link to openstreetmap home page?

I may be being stupid, but I found this forum almost by accident. Could we add a link to the home page of, perhaps under the Navigation section?


Well apart from the fact that the forum is mentioned in: Contact, Help, FAQ and others, I think it’s a good idea and I’ll mention it on the IRC.

However, the forum is a late addition to the list of OpenStreetMap communication channels and lots of early adopters seem hesitant to promote the forum over other channels… So I’ll do some work on the Help page to make the forum more prominent then it is now. Would that be good enough?

The help page is restructured to make the forum stand out a bit more. The consensus reached in some discussions is that media like the forums, mailing lists, IRC etc. should not be promoted over each other. So I don’t see it happening any time soon that a link to the forum is put on main page.