Adding elevation to osm

Just a quick question -

I was wondering if it were possible to combine elevation data to an osm? More specifically I’m hoping to inter grate landscape slope into the flat osm files that are available for export on the openstreetmap site.

I’m currently working with 1-meter Lidar (las) files on arcmap. If nessecary the las files can be used to convert to a suitable format (shapefile contours, dem IMG, etc.).

What is the purpose of your project?

Of course it is possible to assign an elevation value from your DEM to every node in the OSM data though I am not aware of any ready-to-use solution. But from my experience with elevation based routing, this is not sufficient as there are also differences in elevation where OSM does not have any nodes because of along straight road segments without intersections. Those are lost if only OSM points are calculated.

So it would be necessary to understand your goals in order to fully answer your question.

bye, Nop

There is no need to assign elevation to each node in the OSM database.

You’d better combine OSM and terrain in your application instead of the OSM database. It’s about projecting buildings and areas with the tags natural and landuse on the terrain.

Take look how it’s done for Blender.