Adding data back after redaction

What is the easiest way to get data back on the map?

Can I trace over the bing satelite imagery?, and
Can I use the street names from the previous OSM map, before redaction?


I got an answer on the main forum about street names. The answer is basically No because the license change over-rides the previous license.
I was hoping there was a loop hole :frowning:

You should not copy from CC-BY-SA datasets or map views based on the pre-redaction data; please treat this like you would any other incompatibly copyrighted map data.

Essentially we’re left with some new blank spots on the map, and can respond with the process we know and love. Use your favourite mapping techniques (can include a first pass sketching in stuff from bing yes), go explore and fill in the blanks.

We have an ever expanding mapping community. If we can explain to all these new folks about the joy of mapping your neighbourhood, try to lead by example, and help others learn, you’ll be amazed what can be achieved.

Yes, it looks like we have quite a few dedicated mappers trying to get the map back on track.:slight_smile:
I am amazed at the roads in my area appearing slowly every day. But I wonder if some of us are working on the same roads at the same time.
I hope we don’t muck each other up.

I presume that nodes can still be used to redraw the roads. There are a number of places were nodes ‘hover’ above roads on the satellite images. These look like they were the result of users who have agreed to the new license and made adjustments to roads that have since disappeared.

I have used ‘some’ of those nodes if they are in the right location. But generally I’ve been deleting them if they don’t have any tags.


as mentioned in another post, we try to coordinate our work by using this site: and for Sydney:

I’m on vacation at the moment, but it looks like 57% of the city of Sydney is reviewed/rebuilt. The main task for the locals will be to tag the streets with the correct highway type and names.

I get a message from saying ‘browserNotSupported’. So I’ll look at it later.

Local councils in Victoria have downloadable pdf road registers. Do South Australian local councils do the same?