adding bus routes to the map

I am new to this service, but I was wondering if it is possible to add bus routes and bus stops to the map. For example google has made it easy to do so, is it the same way with OSM, and if so,how can i do it?


Not too difficult. Look at the transport layer for the results. E.g.

You will need to go out and survey the route, or be lucky enough to have an operator that releases the data under a suitable licence. If routes haven’t been added already, in your area, it is likely that the data is not suitably licensed.

I would suggest using JOSM, as it has much better relation handing than the other editors.

For more information, start with but note that some simpler data schemas have been used,j in the past, and are still quite common in the map.

My guess is that Google have taken the idea form OSM.