Adding a toilet as an icon that is in another facility


I want to add some Public toilets in a city, many of them are publicly accessibly but in the Subway Stations.

Am I allowed to add these as a separate Icon?
Currently it looks like no Toilet exists.



If you read this, you see that it is preferred to use
toilets=yes on your railway station node. Then it will not get an icon, but that is just because the standard map does not render the icon in that case.
With e.g. Overpass you could question the database for both tagging methods.

On the other hand, if the railway station is mapped as a building, you could add a separate node for the toilet within the building.

Thank you


This is the point. If you map the toilets separately (with a node), use the tag “amenity=toilets”. but you have to be accurate on the location, access, opening hours, floor, etc. If you don’t know where the toilets are but you know in which building, then you can reuse the building polygon and add the attribut “toilets=yes”