Adding a Street Quito Ecuador to the Map?

I am going to Quito Ecuador Jan 2011 -the Hostel I am staying at is ‘not’ on the Openstreetmap and I would like to add it - this leads to Questions about the Adding:

  1. After watching the Videos, I am leaning toward editing with JOSM to add the Street (it’s only 2 blocks long)
  2. While there, what data should I gather for the Inputting? (street has Big trees both sides on most of 1 block (knowing what that does to getting a gps signal) -though I believe ends of 1 block are clear and I could gps readings (Garmin GPSmap 60CSx) each end, will have camera for Pix to check names & relationship to streets on either side.
  3. I also found the Street on Google Maps (I have a Screen Shot)
  4. I would like to Export to a Reader -two have been recommended: Gaia GPS & Route Buddy [not found] as I would like to take the Present Map with me on iPod, to have when there for Checking & Reference, if needed.

While I figured out (with Steve’s videos to show me) how-to add a Street -it seems like the Answer has led to more Questions; and, I leave 1/8/2011 -I would like get a Map on the iPod to take -I am even looking at the Dual Cradle (does gps) for the iPod; but, the lack of Map for S.A./Ecuador is a Stopper; and, buying a new Garmin, then over $150 to get S.A… not in Budget!

Thanks - Hwy101

There are OSM Garmin pre-made maps available for Ecuador:

It is also pretty straightforward to create your own using mkgmap and a suitable export ( For Ecuador in this case you would need to cut out a suitable bounding box (using osmosis perhaps) before running mkgmap. Search the wiki for more on these bits of java-based software.

Lambertus can create specific OSM maps for particular areas, see

If you think yo may be collecting data whilst on the move an OSM extract of Ecuador is useful as one can edit it, and potentially update the garmin even if you dont have internet access.

I will try the above - I will look for and Figure out Osmosis - Thank You

I tried this by Selecting Ecuador & entered my address -No Map build -It said I selected on map/tile -have screen shot - I did. To test, I selected California/my address - I could get that map… I could not get a map for Ecuador…