Adding a bridge using ID

I am trying to add a bridge which is missing from the map.
I drew a line the length of the bridge down the middle along the very clear satellite image of the bridge.
Then I searched on the left for “bridge”.
I got 8 results (ridge, bridleway) none of which seem applicable to a bridge.
I tried some google searching and found nothing applicable.
At this point I realised that my notions of intuitive clearly diverge from the OSM community.
I therefore request some clarification on how a person is supposed to correctly add a bridge to the map.


The basic problem is that if a road (of any kind) is a bridge is determined by a secondary property (bridge=yes etc). So searching for a “bridge” object is nonsensical in an OSM context.

It depends on the point of view. As OP ask about adding a bridge, besides mapping the bridge as an attribute of the road, the bridge itself could be mapped as an OSM element with man_made=bridge.

But that’s totaly sensical for a smart and colaborative begginner such as galactic seems to be, to look for in iD’s tag search box. Also that box induces to do that. So iD and us could help such questions.
I would suggest @galactics: just take a look at how some bridges near yours have been previously mapped