Added street name, but not showing after days

I’m new to OSM, but would like to make contributions to it from time to time, when I can.
My first 2 edits were to add my local shop, then add a name to an unnamed street that I knew.
The shop worked fine, but the street name still does not show even a few days after the edit. Could anybody shed some light on what I may have done wrong? I have tried to read about this problem, but have not found a solution yet.

The street is in Harrogate and is call Back Dawson Terrace. Changeset: 4929390


Unfortunately, at this point, only changing a tag and not the road itself will not cause an immediate rerender.

I forced a rerender for that street at the highest zoom, and lo and behold: there it is! You really did everything alright. :slight_smile:

Edit: here’s the link to the street

Great, Thanks for your help.