Added Street Lights not on any map layer since December?


was there an update cycle for street lights and other lower priority items?

I added streetlights here [0] and in other locations. I did this months ago and so far they are not visible as icons on any map layer.

Is that typical?

I added streetlights before and those become visible a few days later.

[0] OpenStreetMap

Best, Andreas

I seem to remember that they were taken out in a Carto “upgrade” a while back?

You can, however, see them here: Street Lamps in OSM

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highway=street_lamp is not rendered by OpenStreetMap Carto. Reviewing the issue history and git commits finds no evidence it ever was.

A street lamp might also be a power=pole, which is rendered, so perhaps this is what you are thinking of.


My apologies to Carto then, as I seemed to remember that they were - I may be thinking of them appearing in iD while mapping?


I do not know “Carto”. I just check the H map layer and the lights I added are here for example

And at one point the newer additions were not updated anymore.
So is this related to what you are talking about?

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Hallo Andreas,

selbstverständlich kennst Du “Carto” :slight_smile: , auch wenn Dir das nicht bewusst ist. Das ist die Standardansicht auf

Der H-Layer ist der Humanitarian-Layer und sollte laut der Tile-Server-Übersicht Raster tile providers - OpenStreetMap Wiki mindestens tagesaktuell sein. Die Lampen werden - soweit ich das sehe - ab Zoom-Level 19 angezeigt.

Es kann gut sein, dass diese Kacheln aus dem Browsercache geladen werden. Versuche mit Strg + F5 ein neues Laden vom Server zu erzwingen. Dabei werden die betroffenen Kacheln neu gerendert.

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