Added POI but cannot find when searching on


I have added certain POI, which are visible when I go to that point (in view as well as edit mode) however when I search the poi, I am unable to find it. POI details

Node: Etisalat Academy, Muhaisnah, Dubai (1312752809)
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Edited at: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 15:18:47 +0000
Edited by: Kush
Version: 2
In changeset: 8427696
Comment: Reclassified
building = yes
name = Etisalat Academy, Muhaisnah, Dubai
25.2586878, 55.4111328

2nd POI

Changeset: 8350192
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Created at: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 15:12:32 +0000
Closed at: Sun, 05 Jun 2011 16:13:19 +0000
Belongs to: Kush
build = 2.1-21-g5f128f5
comment = Petrol Pump
created_by = Potlatch 2
version = 2.1
Bounding box:
55.4081833 (box) 55.4189538
Has the following 6 nodes:
1313142700, v1
1313142698, v1
1313142696, v1
1313142694, v1
EPCO Petrol Pump, Muhaisnah (1313142219, v2)
1313142219, v1
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Has the following 4 ways:
116497848, v1
116495556, v2
116495395, v4
116495397, v3

I don’t think a POI with building=yes and just a name is going to be searchable.

I would suggest that you tag it like this:
name = Etisalat Academy
building = yes
amenity = college
addr:housename=PO Box 99100, Muhaisnah 2
addr:city = Dubai
phone=+971 4 204 3300

Seeing as Bing has good coverage of this area, you could do even better and trace the building outline and add the tags to the way, rather than to a single point. (But if you do use Bing, make sure to account for any offset the imagery has, using GPS traces to calibrate).

Updated like this, but still not searchable.

Way: Etisalat Academy, Muhaisnah, Dubai (121231017)
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Edited at: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 15:01:25 +0000
Edited by: Kush
Version: 3
In changeset: 8694593
Comment: added details
addr:city = Dubai
addr:country = AE
addr:housename = PO Box 99100, Muhaisnah 2
amenity = university
building = yes
name = Etisalat Academy, Muhaisnah, Dubai

Node: Emarat Fuel Station, Muhaisnah (1313142219)
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Edited at: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 15:08:10 +0000
Edited by: Kush
Version: 8
In changeset: 8694633
Comment: update
addr:city = Dubai
addr:country = AE
addr:street = al nahda road
amenity = fuel
name = Emarat Fuel Station, Muhaisnah
name:en = Emarat Fuel Station, Muhaisnah
operator = Emarat Fuel Station, Muhaisnah
25.2533776, 55.4146128

You might have to wait a while for Nominatim to catch up:

  1. But please let me know if I have done things right…?
  2. Further, I have added roads for Etisalat Academy area…are these done correctly?
  1. If I wanted to be pedantic I’d point out the following:
  • You have put a building outline around the whole campus. Instead, tag this way as amenity=college (see below) and then trace the individual buildings as building=yes (and each building has a separate name, e.g. Main Centre, Building B or whatever each one is called)
  • I don’t think this is a university - I would call it a college. As a rule of thumb, a university issues educational degrees, whereas the Etisalat Academy, as far as I can tell, is a further education college offering training in IT and technical areas.
  • Personally, I would just set the college name to Etisalat Academy - the rest of the name should sit in address tags. The name should reflect whatever is seen on the building itself, or failing that the name that the academy uses on official documents and/or its website
  • The road segment (id 118782097) that connects to the Al Nahda Road (primary) should be set to primary_link, and the segment (id 116495397) that connects to the trunk road should be set as trunk_link
  1. I don’t think the roads you have added should be secondary. You can see a guide to how to tag roads in the UAE here: (NB I wrote the guide, so open to suggestions and improvements).
    At best, the dual carriageway section is possibly tertiary, but the single carriageways I would probably tag as unclassified

Thanks for the guidance. Updated the map accordingly (except identification of individual buildings).

Also, I am interested to know which software do you use for getting gps traces. I have a mio moov s500 device on which I am using navigator free from mapfactor. I dont think this software allows this.

I acquire my own GPS traces using a Garmin GPS Map 76Csx. When I remember, I upload these to OpenStreetMap. Otherwise, I just open the GPX files directly in JOSM. The advantage of Garmin devices is of course that you can then create maps from OpenStreetMap data for the GPS unit itself.

When I want to see all the traces (both mine and those that other people have uploaded) in the OpenStreetMap database, I download the GPX tracks using JOSM (or if I’m using Potlatch 2, there’s an option to display the GPS data).

AFAIK, mapfactor navigator IS able to record GPS traces … there are some large threads about mapfactor here in the OSM forum … search for it.

When you have a device with Windows Mobile, have a look at … try to find programs that record GPS signals.

I can recommend NaviPOWM, because it can display an offline vector real time rendered map when you are moving around.

Had a look on various other POIs added by other users and observed that many did not have any details of the city and country but were still searchable e.g. Abu Dhabi coop. I think there is either a problem with what I am adding, can you please help?

You can see all your editings of the past here:

In cases of doubt have a look at

Hi Stephan

I use this link to see my edits. The POI which I add are visible on the map but cannot be searched. I wanted to add so many POIs but if these remain un-searchable then these are of no use. On the page which “csdf” has mentioned about nominations there is some link[N|W|R]&osmid=

Here I dont know what is [N|W|R]. I dont know what I am really missing out?


The data is definitely there: this is a screencap of me searching for the college in Garmin MapSource using a map I built yesterday:

Thanks csdf…

I have added some POI with amenity = state_office. Is it ok? Will it remain searchable.