Add mapBB support


There is new project

I write a draft version of FluxBB mod which add mapbb support.
How can I talk with maintainer.

I have some questions about installation of this new feature.

Would be great to have an embedded map in this forum :slight_smile:
Please mail Lambertus how/if he can implement this feature.

Mod is ready

I have made an alternative, more feature-packed, modification using MapBBCode Loader.
It is very easy to install (only 3 files to modify). Get the archive from github:
Tested on 1.4.8 with Easy BBCode mod.

The new forum server is being built using the latest FluxBB (1.5.6), it would be great if the mod can be adapted for this version so we can include before we switch to the new server. :slight_smile:

It is. The plugin was tested on 1.4.8 and 1.5.5 (which I think is compatible with 1.5.6 :slight_smile: