Add links to and wiki


i would like to suggest to add 2 links to the profile, one option for the wiki and one for the - userprofile.
So, if someone wants, the information is directly accessable.



User Hakuch takes care of such technical things, but I don’t know if he follows this thread, so you can talk with him directly.

Hello Negreheb,

thanks for the suggestion, yes it would be nice to link the forum more with the OSM infrastructure. Unfortunately, the technical state of the forum is stuck in a kind of transition. The current software (Fluxbb) is no longer actively developed and is not open for plugins at all. Furthermore, we don’t have direct access for changes, because these have to be imported by the server admins and they are classically overwhelmed and then don’t react to rather “small improvements”. And right now major important changes need to be made for the GDPR and privacy issues. The next step is then rather to put the work into a new modern software. But unfortunately a longer break of mine last year delayed project. But I hope that everything around it will really do something by the end of this year.

So much for now in general, perhaps I can still accommodate such a change. The bottleneck consists as said on the side of the server admins to import this.

Another problem of course is, that the wiki account is different to the general osm account and that users would have to add this information to their profile. That would mean extra forms and database altering, thats something I definitely would like to avoid for this software :slight_smile: