Add a Residential Property area-type for individual properties

ok, I was oversimplifying, sometimes there are concatenations, like with building=yes office=* where 2 features are represented in the same object. Similarly we should not be using landuse for features, because the extent of the landuse will not necessarily be the same as the feature (e.g. in OSM landuse=forest means an area with trees growing on them, while a named forest usually comprises everything inside an area where mainly trees grow, but where you can find a lake, a lawn, a residence, or whatever. You would want to exclude the latter from the landuse/landcover but not from the forest feature - a situation we have not solved yet and maybe won’t).

I thought that’s exactly what boundary=forest is for. It’s rather new, but it’s an elegant solution to this problem :slight_smile:

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It’s not the same as place=. You can have housing estates inside a greater =neighbourhood and even =city_block . There are different scales of them. Moreover, a housing estate is usually well-defined, compared to settlements and communities.