Add a new layer

I found on this link how to add the OSM layer on Google Maps: (Example - Using Google Maps API v3 setting OSM as a base map layer)

How can I add to this OpenCycleMap layer?

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Use one of the tile URL’s for OpenCycleMap found on
instead of the line return “” + zoom + “/” + x + “/” + coord.y + “.png”;

Thank you for your help. On this link I was unable to find tile URL’s for OpenCycleMap.
I found it on, registred for free api and add tile URL’s
instead of the line return “” + zoom + “/” + x + “/” + coord.y + “.png”; but not working
Did I do something wrong?

Isn’t the third map from the top the one you are looking for ? The under “a” or “b” you have the URLs for the tiles

I see in the one you list from thunderforest. Did you replace that with the API key you got from thunderforest (or whereever you can get that api key) ?

Yes, it is. But
“a” is$%7Bz%7D/$%7Bx%7D/$%7By%7D.png
“b” is$%7Bz%7D/$%7Bx%7D/$%7By%7D.png
Neither one works. I tried to use but nothing again.
Then I found new tile URL’s for OpenCycleMap on and I added my api instead of but still nothing

Did you replace the %7D with } and %7B with { ?

Yes I did.
This is my file:
Can you please look at the source code?

You need to stick to the format mentioned on that Google Maps wiki page:

return “” + zoom + “/” + x + “/” + coord.y + “.png”;

Don’t put in any “{” or “}” placeholders, they only work with other frameworks, like OpenLayers or Leaflet.

But how can I add OpenCycle layer on this google map?

return “” + zoom + “/” + x + “/” + coord.y + “.png”;

Please don’t forget the OSM attribution!

I tried with this new URL but again does not work
What is OSM attribution?
Anything else I need to change?

Thank You for your time and help :slight_smile:

Try + coord.x + instead of + x +

I assumed you were using the other example as a template

Now is OK, :smiley:
Thank You !