Add a list of points to a map

Apologies if I am not using the correct terminology - it may be that I am asking for a “layer”, but I’m not sure.

I would like to maintain a list of locations outside of OSM, then view this list in OsmAnd. One way this could work would be to expose the list on a URL, using some known format.

What is the best way to achieve this? If I navigate “Configure map”->“Overlay map”->“Install more…” I can see a long list of third party overlays, but no way to add a custom one of my own.

Yes, it is confusing - doubly so because they’ve changed the way that it works since the last time I installed OsmAnd so the instructions I had written down for myself no longer worked!

What has worked for me just now is:

Menu / Configure Map / Map source / Add (not “Install More”)
Enter a name for your new layer
Enter a URL. I’ve used{0}/{1}/{2}.png as a test
Zoom levels - select 1-22 (or whatever) on the slider

Menu / Configure Map / and choose the name that you entered above

Obviously this works if your “list of locations” is a regular tile layer. If it’s in some other format, you’ll either need to render overlay tiles from it or do something else.