Add a link to the email when you reply to a comment in the help section

For the Help and support section, we are not allowed to post replies to other replies (at least it doesn’t work via email). One gets the following message:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”] (titled Re: [Help and support] How to install and maintain multiple regions?) didn’t work.


You are not allowed to create a post in reply to another post.

If you can correct the problem, please try again.

I believe it would be quite useful to both, include the text that you tried to send, as well as a link to the topic, in the email.

Because it’s specific to help and support, the error is coming from the Q&A plugin, likely because of the differences in the model and comments. It’s possible the email message is coming from the plugin, or from Discourse itself. In either case, I reviewed the plugin settings and admin settings and there’s nothing relevant, so this is an upstream issue.

I think the bigger upstream issue is that this message is confusing, and it’s not clear what you did wrong.

My impression was it happens when you reply to a reply in the Q&A-category. I get it frequently. You must reply to the original question in order to have your email going through. I believe this is a bug, because on the website you can add “comments” to answers, and this is what the Q&A plugin should do for contributions via email in reply to a reply.

Anyway, if this cannot be solved easily it would already be quite helpful to have the text of the notice adjusted (quoting the full text one has tried to send, and adding a link to the topic).

That’s not just an email-related issue - it happens on the main site too.

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The message isn’t a setting, so it can’t be adjusted. I also expect that this is a generic error message, not specific to the Q&A plugin.

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It seems to be related to the Q&A plugin in as much as I’ve only seen the message in those threads, and it’s not a “deterministic” error in that if I save the reply text elsewhere, diacard the Discourse reply, reply again and paste in exactly the same text it works just fine.

I had thought that qoting may be involved, and maybe voting up a previous answer, but the fact that it also occurs by email (where there is by definition less context) menas that that is less likely.

I had thought that qoting may be involved, and maybe voting up a previous answer, but the fact that it also occurs by email

actually I also had the impression it has to do with quoting (another answer, maybe not the original question), or replying to an answer in general

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